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April Fools!

2 Apr



And then Mike woke up.


My New Direction For FA:NG

1 Apr

Hey guys.

So, I just wanted to let you know what’s going on with FA:NG.

I’ve been writing FA:NG since Sept 2011. It’s pretty much my golden child, my War and Peace, my magnus opus, my Biggus Dickus, if you will. Since I’ve been writing so long, I can’t bring myself to scrap the whole thing.

But I do feel the need to make a few drastic changes.


This is the first concept sketch for FANG: Maiden Monogatari. It’s a heart-pounding story about Miku-hime, an ojousama with two osananajimi butlers, who transfers into a new school just as the cherry blossoms begin to fall. There, she has a chance encounter with the cold, yet beautiful son of the principal and a demon lord.

New profiles:

Name: Miku-hime

Age: 16

Personality: A quiet and gentle ojou-sama who is clumsy and easily frightened. She would be mistaken for an elementary school girl were it not for her G-cup. Has a speech tic where she attaches “iyaaaan~” to the ends of her sentences. Renameable.

Name: Kulto Davisu

Age: 17

Personality: Cool yet kind, he is referred to as “onii-san” by Miku-hime. Has always been watching over Miku-hime since they were small, and made a marriage promise together. A refreshing boy who is bright like Pocari Sweat.

Name: Matyu Werchii

Age: 15

Personality: A tsundere who is also a shota, he too is in love with Miku-hime, though due to a mental illness he is only able to display his love through verbal and physical abuse. His clan has served Miku-hime’s for generations.

Name: Dugras Reston

Age: 17

Personality: The cold, studious and domineering son of the principal who is also Student Council President. He is hiding a lot of inner pain in his heart, for nobody understands him yet everyone uses him for his family’s status. He is DoS.

Name: Jeffar, Lord of Pain

Age: 17

Personality: The demon lord of the darkest abyss, sadistic and cruel. He takes joy in the suffering of others, but especially Miku-hime. A yandere who wants Mike-hime to only ever look at him. His nickname is Dark Fang.

Name: Gregor Donovan

Age: 18

Personality: Greg? Who’s that?

I Interrupt This Static To Bring You This Special Broadcast

5 Apr

Writing for Module 12 of LemmaTV is complete, presently working on art for Module 18.

Work on FA:NG continues, with Greg and Douglas routes being closest to completion.

Also, we, our affiliates at Twin Turtle GamesAdmin Sy and Takeshi and the Kid, and other collaborators from LemmaTV have just released a game for NaNoRenO, My Beautiful AI. Be sure to check out both our entry and the other great games over at Lemmasoft!

Character Profiles! (Part 1)

14 Mar

At long last, a post with profiles for the characters in FA:NG! The full-body sprites are still being redone, but for now there are headshots.

Name: Michelle Andrea Cavanaugh

Age: 16
Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Auburn

Height: 5’1″

Weight: 105 lbs.
Birthday: August 12

Zodiac: Leo

Blood Type: A+++, would buy again

Handedness: Left-handed
Favorite food: Chicken nuggets

Favorite drink: Root beer

STR: **

DEX: ***

CON: **

INT: ***

WIS: *

CHA: ****

Otaku Rank: B

Gamer Rank: C

Miscellaneous Geekery Rank: A

Special: Nine Lives Continue Works

Personality: Michelle Andrea Cavanaugh, or ‘Mike’ as she has been nicknamed, is our protagonist. She can best be described as a force of nature, or a Mack truck, or maybe one of those imperious ancient heroes who leaves a wake of destruction and chaos in their path while ostensibly saving the world. A clever jack-of-all-trades with a dangerous combination of high persistence and little patience, she dislikes beating around the bush when it comes to either her feelings or those of others, but has difficulty navigating strong emotions.

Fun Fact: Mike once got a starfish sunburned against her back.

Name: Kurt William Davis

Age: 17
Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Color: Light Brown

Height: 5’8.5″

Weight: 145 lbs.
Birthday: May 5
Zodiac: Gemini
Blood type: O+
Handedness: Right-handed

Favorite food: Spaghetti and meatballs

Favorite drink: Pepsi
STR: **

DEX: **

CON: **

INT: ***

WIS: ***

CHA: ***
Otaku Rank: B

Gamer Rank: B

Miscellaneous Geekery Rank: B

Special: Verbal Judo
Personality: Kurt is a friendly, sociable, normal guy who manages to get along with everyone. This is a feat made possible by the ability to adjust his persona and approach to suit a given situation, a kind of cognitive empathy that everyone else in the club is incidentally deficient in. Rumor has it that the true Kurt has a wicked sense of humor and is playing everyone as pawns in his master plan to install his facial hair as Supreme God-Emperor of All Creation, but these claims are unsubstantiated and often fleeting.

Fun Fact: Kurt whistled Beethoven’s Fifth for his middle school talent show.


3 Mar

All two of you who follow this blog may well wonder what progress I’ve made on Forever Alone: Nerds the Gathering, aka FA:NG. That is a good question!

Word count’s at 62,330 right now. I’m working on concept art for the new character profiles post that should be up shortly. To tide folks over until then, I have some NPC sketches.


For some of these it should be blatantly obvious whose route they’ll show up in/who they’re connected to, at least to people who know what our characters look like. For others, not so much. I’ll let you venture some guesses.