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My New Direction For FA:NG

1 Apr

Hey guys.

So, I just wanted to let you know what’s going on with FA:NG.

I’ve been writing FA:NG since Sept 2011. It’s pretty much my golden child, my War and Peace, my magnus opus, my Biggus Dickus, if you will. Since I’ve been writing so long, I can’t bring myself to scrap the whole thing.

But I do feel the need to make a few drastic changes.


This is the first concept sketch for FANG: Maiden Monogatari. It’s a heart-pounding story about Miku-hime, an ojousama with two osananajimi butlers, who transfers into a new school just as the cherry blossoms begin to fall. There, she has a chance encounter with the cold, yet beautiful son of the principal and a demon lord.

New profiles:

Name: Miku-hime

Age: 16

Personality: A quiet and gentle ojou-sama who is clumsy and easily frightened. She would be mistaken for an elementary school girl were it not for her G-cup. Has a speech tic where she attaches “iyaaaan~” to the ends of her sentences. Renameable.

Name: Kulto Davisu

Age: 17

Personality: Cool yet kind, he is referred to as “onii-san” by Miku-hime. Has always been watching over Miku-hime since they were small, and made a marriage promise together. A refreshing boy who is bright like Pocari Sweat.

Name: Matyu Werchii

Age: 15

Personality: A tsundere who is also a shota, he too is in love with Miku-hime, though due to a mental illness he is only able to display his love through verbal and physical abuse. His clan has served Miku-hime’s for generations.

Name: Dugras Reston

Age: 17

Personality: The cold, studious and domineering son of the principal who is also Student Council President. He is hiding a lot of inner pain in his heart, for nobody understands him yet everyone uses him for his family’s status. He is DoS.

Name: Jeffar, Lord of Pain

Age: 17

Personality: The demon lord of the darkest abyss, sadistic and cruel. He takes joy in the suffering of others, but especially Miku-hime. A yandere who wants Mike-hime to only ever look at him. His nickname is Dark Fang.

Name: Gregor Donovan

Age: 18

Personality: Greg? Who’s that?