3 Mar

All two of you who follow this blog may well wonder what progress I’ve made on Forever Alone: Nerds the Gathering, aka FA:NG. That is a good question!

Word count’s at 62,330 right now. I’m working on concept art for the new character profiles post that should be up shortly. To tide folks over until then, I have some NPC sketches.


For some of these it should be blatantly obvious whose route they’ll show up in/who they’re connected to, at least to people who know what our characters look like. For others, not so much. I’ll let you venture some guesses.


Welcome to Viking Pipsqueak Productions!

22 Feb

Hello, and welcome to Viking Pipsqueak Productions, a currently one-man wrecking crew devoted to making visual novel games.

Current Projects:

Forever Alone: Nerds the Gathering (Writing, Programming, and Sprite Art)- A tragicomic slice-of-life bromance about one 16-year-old girl’s epic quest to reunite the school’s Anime and Gaming Club before the end of the year (or, failing that, find a new best friend). DEMO Windows|Mac|Linux

Completed Projects:

My Beautiful AI (Sprite Art, in collaboration with TwinTurtle Games)- A futuristic tale of a man, an AI, and a woman from his past. Made for NaNoRenO ’12. COMPLETE All Versions

Night at the Hospital (Writing, as part of  Team Snugglebunny)- A bone-chillingly hilarious tale about Frank, his idiot ghost hunter friend, and a mysterious stranger. Also manlove. Made for the Pulse Pounding Heart Stopping Jam. COMPLETE All Versions

Inactive Projects:

LemmaTV: Television That Watches You (Writing and Sprite Art)- A large collaborative work consisting of 25 modules, each of a different genre. INACTIVE Website