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Happy Valentine’s Day!

14 Feb

Heyo, still alive! I don’t know if there’s anyone who actually checks just this blog as opposed to everywhere else, but I should do a status update anyways.

I’m in the coding stage for FA:NG right now, which is also kind of the editing stage. I can’t give exact percentages because I don’t actually believe in those, but the writing (irrespective of actually being coded into Ren’py) is about 95% done, needing pretty much just in-between lines and such. After coding comes art, at which point I’ll release demo #2 and quite possibly do a Kickstarter so as to pay my dear voice actors, musician(s?) and BG artist.

Speaking of which! I have a team now.

On-board and confirmed for voice acting roles thus far are Robert Healy III (also known as HealyHQ and FA:NG’s #1 Fan) for Matthew and Edwyn Tiong (also known as Omahdon) for Douglas. Confirmed for a main role but not for which one until I get more auditions is Sungwon Cho (Prozd), who will likely end up as either Kurt or Greg depending on other auditions. I’m also waiting on auditions from my Twitter friends Edgar Recinos (@edtertainer) and Jon Esparza (@JonsCrazyTweets) and am in contact with the highly-recommended Kimlinh Tran about possibly taking the role of Mike. We’ll see how everything pans out!

My friend Reikun shall be taking over BG duty from me, though I’m going to help her out in whatever way I can. Also interested/on-board is the composer Marc Straight, who is pretty great and did work on the recent Team Snugglebunny-associated game The Buried Moon, and possibly also Retribute Composer, who I’ve worked with before for a certain other, small project that I plan to release eventually. It’s both exciting and a bit more pressure for FA:NG to now be a group effort, but that just gives me all the more motivation to live up to everyone’s expectations. Thank you guys again for all your support for FA:NG over the past over-two years! It’s been and continues to be a trip. I’ve lost a friend or two, I’ve gained many more, one of my good longtime friends has become my very dear significant other, and I feel like I’ve been growing up more and more as FA:NG continues onwards.


Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!


April Fools!

2 Apr



And then Mike woke up.

My New Direction For FA:NG

1 Apr

Hey guys.

So, I just wanted to let you know what’s going on with FA:NG.

I’ve been writing FA:NG since Sept 2011. It’s pretty much my golden child, my War and Peace, my magnus opus, my Biggus Dickus, if you will. Since I’ve been writing so long, I can’t bring myself to scrap the whole thing.

But I do feel the need to make a few drastic changes.


This is the first concept sketch for FANG: Maiden Monogatari. It’s a heart-pounding story about Miku-hime, an ojousama with two osananajimi butlers, who transfers into a new school just as the cherry blossoms begin to fall. There, she has a chance encounter with the cold, yet beautiful son of the principal and a demon lord.

New profiles:

Name: Miku-hime

Age: 16

Personality: A quiet and gentle ojou-sama who is clumsy and easily frightened. She would be mistaken for an elementary school girl were it not for her G-cup. Has a speech tic where she attaches “iyaaaan~” to the ends of her sentences. Renameable.

Name: Kulto Davisu

Age: 17

Personality: Cool yet kind, he is referred to as “onii-san” by Miku-hime. Has always been watching over Miku-hime since they were small, and made a marriage promise together. A refreshing boy who is bright like Pocari Sweat.

Name: Matyu Werchii

Age: 15

Personality: A tsundere who is also a shota, he too is in love with Miku-hime, though due to a mental illness he is only able to display his love through verbal and physical abuse. His clan has served Miku-hime’s for generations.

Name: Dugras Reston

Age: 17

Personality: The cold, studious and domineering son of the principal who is also Student Council President. He is hiding a lot of inner pain in his heart, for nobody understands him yet everyone uses him for his family’s status. He is DoS.

Name: Jeffar, Lord of Pain

Age: 17

Personality: The demon lord of the darkest abyss, sadistic and cruel. He takes joy in the suffering of others, but especially Miku-hime. A yandere who wants Mike-hime to only ever look at him. His nickname is Dark Fang.

Name: Gregor Donovan

Age: 18

Personality: Greg? Who’s that?

I Interrupt This Static To Bring You This Special Broadcast

5 Apr

Writing for Module 12 of LemmaTV is complete, presently working on art for Module 18.

Work on FA:NG continues, with Greg and Douglas routes being closest to completion.

Also, we, our affiliates at Twin Turtle GamesAdmin Sy and Takeshi and the Kid, and other collaborators from LemmaTV have just released a game for NaNoRenO, My Beautiful AI. Be sure to check out both our entry and the other great games over at Lemmasoft!

Welcome to Viking Pipsqueak Productions!

22 Feb

Hello, and welcome to Viking Pipsqueak Productions, a currently one-man wrecking crew devoted to making visual novel games.

Current Projects:

Forever Alone: Nerds the Gathering (Writing, Programming, and Sprite Art)- A tragicomic slice-of-life bromance about one 16-year-old girl’s epic quest to reunite the school’s Anime and Gaming Club before the end of the year (or, failing that, find a new best friend). DEMO Windows|Mac|Linux

Completed Projects:

My Beautiful AI (Sprite Art, in collaboration with TwinTurtle Games)- A futuristic tale of a man, an AI, and a woman from his past. Made for NaNoRenO ’12. COMPLETE All Versions

Night at the Hospital (Writing, as part of  Team Snugglebunny)- A bone-chillingly hilarious tale about Frank, his idiot ghost hunter friend, and a mysterious stranger. Also manlove. Made for the Pulse Pounding Heart Stopping Jam. COMPLETE All Versions

Inactive Projects:

LemmaTV: Television That Watches You (Writing and Sprite Art)- A large collaborative work consisting of 25 modules, each of a different genre. INACTIVE Website