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Welcome to Viking Pipsqueak Productions!

22 Feb

Hello, and welcome to Viking Pipsqueak Productions, a currently one-man wrecking crew devoted to making visual novel games.

Current Projects:

Forever Alone: Nerds the Gathering (Writing, Programming, and Sprite Art)- A tragicomic slice-of-life bromance about one 16-year-old girl’s epic quest to reunite the school’s Anime and Gaming Club before the end of the year (or, failing that, find a new best friend). DEMO Windows|Mac|Linux

Completed Projects:

My Beautiful AI (Sprite Art, in collaboration with TwinTurtle Games)- A futuristic tale of a man, an AI, and a woman from his past. Made for NaNoRenO ’12. COMPLETE All Versions

Night at the Hospital (Writing, as part of  Team Snugglebunny)- A bone-chillingly hilarious tale about Frank, his idiot ghost hunter friend, and a mysterious stranger. Also manlove. Made for the Pulse Pounding Heart Stopping Jam. COMPLETE All Versions

Inactive Projects:

LemmaTV: Television That Watches You (Writing and Sprite Art)- A large collaborative work consisting of 25 modules, each of a different genre. INACTIVE Website